Tom Rooney recently tried to drum up a Halloween scare with false and unsubstantiated claims about Ann Gillespie’s positions on the issues. His most recent mailing didn’t even bother to list alleged sources of his claims. So here is the truth.

False claim: Ann is bankrolled by Chicago Madigan bosses.

Fact:  Ann has received no funding from Michael Madigan or his political action committees. Ann’s supported by thousands of Illinois residents who are looking for a fresh face to change the culture in Springfield. Rooney, meanwhile, has received at least $775,000 from Republican “bosses.”Source:

False claim: Ann supports a mileage tax and a tax on retirement income.

Fact: Ann does not support  a mileage tax or a tax on retirement income. Source:, which has had all of her positions listed since January, 2018; League of Women Voters Debate and Rolling Meadows High School Debate videos.

False claim: Ann supports cutting benefits for retirees.

Fact: Ann does not support cutting benefits for retirees. In fact, Rooney stated his support for cutting benefits for public employees and retired teachers during local debates. Source: and all debate videos.

False claim: Rooney sponsored legislation for equal pay for women; Ann has no proposal.

Fact: In 2017, Rooney voted NO on the Equal Pay Act (HB2462) and again NO on overriding the Governor’s veto. In 2018, Rooney was a co-sponsor on SB3100, which was an Equal Pay Act that had no enforcement mechanism, while requiring more recordkeeping by businesses. SB3100 was never considered by the legislature. Rooney then voted “Not Voting” on HB4163, the Equal Pay Act that was passed by the legislature in 2018. Source: Ann supports the stronger Equal Pay Act that passed. Source: and all debate videos.

False claim: Rooney supports term limits for legislators, refuses to take his legislative pension and healthcare benefits. Ann is against legislator term limits for legislators.

Fact: Ann supports term limits for legislative leaders so we have new leaders/fresh faces who will enact needed reforms. She will not take a legislative pension and supports ending pensions for elected officials. Source: Rooney will not take his legislative pension because he will receive a teacher’s pension when he retires and could encounter legal issues if he took both. Source: TRS and Intermittent Leave of Absence Agreement with Leyden School District 27

Ann encourages every voter to research the issues and facts before voting. “I believe it is everyone’s civic duty to study the issues, learn the facts, and then vote for the candidate who will best represent their interests in Springfield,” Ms. Gillespie said.