Property Taxes 

At the root of Illinois’ high taxes are the property taxes administered by local governments and school districts. Instead of high property taxes, the state needs to find new revenue. That’s why Sen. Gillespie supported the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, Casino Expansion, and sponsored a $300 property tax relief bill that was included in the 2023 budget to create additional revenue sources and reduce the burden on our working families. 

Senator Gillespie believes property taxes are too high, which is why she sponsored a bill that makes it less difficult for local taxing bodies to reduce property taxes. Schools will continue getting the funding they need and deserve, but families shouldn’t carry the entire burden of financing our education system through their property taxes.


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a special funding tool used to promote public and private investments within a specified area, but too often residents living in those areas have little knowledge of what the TIF means for their communities. That’s why, Sen. Gillespie sponsored the TIF Transparency bill that provides more public information on TIF districts and requires developers to report on their progress toward meeting the goal of the TIF. She also continues fighting to give school districts greater say when municipalities set up TIF districts. 

Supporting Small Businesses

Our community’s small businesses were resilient during the height of the pandemic and adapted to changes in local, state, and federal policies. In order to make sure small businesses got the help they needed to keep the doors open, recover, and continue thriving, Sen. Gillespie secured more than $1.9 million that was awarded to fifty businesses in the Northwest Suburbs with funding from the Back to Business program.